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Where do I send my samples?

Please send all samples to:

Logan Labs

620 North Main Street

Lakeview, OH 43331

What are general guidelines I need to follow when taking my sample?

To learn more about taking your sample, download our guide on collecting samples.

How much soil or plant tissue do I need to provide?

For an accurate analysis, please provide at least 2 cups of soil per soil sample, and at least 2 cups of leaves per tissue sample.

How much water do I need to provide for a water sample?

For an accurate analysis, please provide us with 12-16 ounces of water per sample. The water can be shipped in a standard plastic drinking water bottle. We suggest taping the lid and packing it tight so that it does not move around in shipping.

Do you provide tools to help me take my sample?

If you are carrying out a large number of samples, you can request soil sample bags or irrigation water bottles. You can request tools here.

How do I pay for my tests?

Once your samples are complete, we will email you an invoice and you can pay online with a credit card through that link. We also accept cash, check or money orders.

What is the turnaround time for a test?

Once your samples arrive at the lab, you will receive your analysis via email in 3-5 business days for soil samples, or 1-2 business days for water and tissue samples.

Do you provide recommendations once I receive my results?

You can receive recommendations through our independent agronomist at anytime for $30 per sample. When filling out your submission worksheet with your sample, you can check the "Need Recommendations" box to receive recommendations with your analysis. You can also ask us for recommendations anytime after you receive your report by contacting us.

How do I interpret my own data?

You can find helpful unit conversions and calculations by viewing our guides.

How can I add on testing or get a sample rechecked?

Please call the lab at 937-842-6100 to add on any additional tests or ask for a recheck. Additional charges may apply.

What do I need to do if I am sending in samples from outside the U.S.?

Please fill out a request for a soil permit. Please know how many boxes you are shipping, as you need one permit per box. Permits can only be used one time.

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